A Farewell to 2 Minutes Fame

Did not create this site to provoke thousands of people. Did not create this site as the Google version of Wikileaks.

Did not create this site to be this week’s Emmanuel Goldstein. (Do read: Rage Profiteers and the original it references, The Business of Rage.)

If @ericajoy did not like Neoreaction the rational thing was to ignore me: let me wallow in my obscurity. But of course that is not how the game is played.

Anonymous blogs should be treated as disposable: Time to dispose of this one. Should I blog in the future it will be with a new identity focusing on political and social theory. My employer will not be mentioned.

Until then, a diet of reading and research. Improve myself. The one piece of advice I leave: improve yourself. Read. Think. Don’t ragepost. Running your mouth is overrated.

Answering comments, here and elsewhere:

– I don’t bring my politics with me into work. Snarky comments about performance evaluations are thus not relevant. Even worse: A form of projection. Can the employee with mainstream beliefs expect a fair shake from the Social Justice Warrior manager or promotion committee?

– You don’t know whether I work for Google. You believe me. Or you don’t.

The latest post is gone, the rest of the site remains. New comments will not be published. Goodbye.