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My least favorite topic in the world is ‘Women in Tech’, so I am going to make this short but I think it’s something that needs to be said. This industry is fucked. Ever since I started speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects I have been endlessly harassed. I’ve gotten hundreds of private messages on IRC and emails about sex, rape, and death threats. People emailing me saying they jerked off to my conference talk video (you’re welcome btw) is mild in comparison to sending photoshopped pictures of me covered in blood.

I personally have never used salacious images of females to achieve orgasm: but I have a friend who has done so. And my friend tells me that a video of a person giving a talk at a conference: is the least believable masturbation aid ever.

Warg Franklin says of this blatant Social Justice holy rolling:

Frazzell’s post is not a “narrative”. It is religious ecstacy; religious lunacy. I can, and do say: This has the same truth value as “People of the Reich: Today Polish murderers crossed the border and assaulted helpless Germans!”

Which doesn’t help. The tech industry is fucked. More than a counter-narrative is needed.

Turn the clock back many centuries, and move the point of view to Aix-la-Chappelle …

Rise, and address Charlemagne, King of the Franks!

Sire: The Saxons are pagan beasts! They defile Christianity in every way possible! To wit: They dressed a woman as The Virgin Mary, and proceeded to copulate with her repeatedly!

That sounds bad.

And when they were done copulating, they started conjugating! They conjugated “Mary, Mother of God, is a whore” into every tense and case of Old Low German! Of which there are a phenomenal number!

If true, an abomination.

O King, they took my own child, to whom I gave birth, and tore it to shreds, saying to me, “turn the other cheek, Christ-lover!”

You’re a priest.


You’re a man.


You bore a child.

Yes! No! I have a friend who has done so! This is exactly what the Saxons do to Christians! Stop Saxonsplaining!

Sire, have you had enough? Shall I remove this person forthwith?

There is no reason to be upset at the good father’s understandable zeal.

I have been considering the problem of these Saxons.

I have made many plans concerning these Saxons.

When our holy friend speaks out against the Saxons, he does us a great service.