Friends Not Allies

While reading my workplace internal social network, I saw a post by an especially pious believer in social justice. The topic was sexism, and her contribution began: “When I’ve been an ally to people of color.” What followed that phrase, I cannot tell you as I was overcome by nausea.

(I realize this fails to fulfill my role as The Nrx Blogger Who Interfaces With Techie Progs So You Don’t Have To. To make up for it, I found a super-earnest nitwit who registered the domain “”. Please do feel free to snicker.)

Earnest piety is easy to mock. “Godfrey Elfwick” does so mordantly on Twitter; a sample of his (excuse me, xir) work:

Hip Hip Hooray

An unhealthy fascination with alliances also betrays a worldview of continuous conflict within one’s society. The progressive sees xirself at war with you, and will conquer you.

(This demonstrates not only the evil of progressivism but also the failure of the live-and-let-live/mind-your-own-business philosophy. You’ve got a job, a family. Maybe some hobbies: Fishing, chess, the occasional game of tennis.

Meanwhile your progressive neighbor has a hobby: Building coalitions against you.)

Individuals should seek friends, not allies.