Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Reactionary Thought, an aggregator of NRx blogs, has the tagline “Things so obvious I’m afraid to say them.” @freddiedeboer, a college lecturer, tweeted things so obvious about “safe space discourse”/triggering:

I can’t stress this enough: within the safe space discourse there is absolute no ability to call any complaint frivolous or dishonest. None.

If you question even the most obviously dishonest and self-interested invocation of trauma/triggering/etc, you will be criticized severely.

That means that we are totally and permanently vulnerable to dishonest students. And trust me: they are very quick learners in this arena.

I’m just agog at how naive you have to be to think that undergrads would never dishonestly invoke safe space rhetoric for selfish reasons.

Things so obvious … that I or my co-workers would be afraid to say them.