I See It In Your Eyes, Take One Look And Die

Earlier today while explaining NeoReaction I stated that Republicans are frauds, an official and tame opposition:

Republicans are elected and given money due to popular discontent with the system; they have no incentive to actually do anything about it.

Not an hour later I read that conservative blogger Ace of Spades — who was a big deal when I was still in my 20s — is done with the Republican Party. Why?

I know very few of you believe the GOP has much intention of repealing Obamacare, but, being a Republican, I have previously felt the need to present The Official Party Position even knowing it was total bullshit.

I’ve known it was a lie for a year, which is why I hate when it comes up on, say, the Podcast. What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to pretend the GOP is going to repeal it?

So they’re not. They never were.

It was always a lie. To get you to vote for them. We lose on the issue, so then we Have The Issue to run on.