Soft on Crime, Tough on Thoughtcrime

Statement to consider: “Bleeding heart liberals” are “soft on crime.”

The idea being that progressives are just too soft-hearted to punish people who can instead be rehabilitated; that progressives love the underdog so much, are so wary of the great power of the State, that better a hundred criminals go free than a single innocent convicted.

Well now we can test that statement. Kelly Ellis accused her former manager (by name) of making a forward comment, while drinking at an off-site work-sponsored trip.

I have read much discussion of this incident, and at no time did any progressive say, “we’ve only heard one side of the story” or “let us be careful when reputations are at stake” or “the accused have rights too.”

The great and good “soft-hearted” progressives were all over the alleged harasser like Heinrich Himmler on a suspicious-looking Pole.

A new statement to consider; it fits the facts better.

“Progressives are soft on personal and property crimes because the perpetrators are part of their political coalition.”