At what point do knowledgeable people in the tech industry give up on gender equity? When do they admit that natural selection has crafted the human sexes with different abilities (men are better at math), potential (women have smaller standard deviations in abilities, for obvious reasons), and desires? When do they admit that evolution is not just a club with which to beat the stupid and religious?

When do they admit that equating unremarkable adult conversation with assault, characterizing a safe, dull workplace as a hostile environment, drives women away from tech?

If they are good progressives, the answer is “never”. Progressivism is Universalism; all humans are universally equally blessed; all humans can universally be saved. If you admit exceptions, hard to be a Universalist.

And: failure brings out the worst tendencies of the progressive — wild enthusiasm for more of a failing remedy. Did X fail to cure the problem? Then two of X will do it, or better yet, 4X. Did I say 8X? I meant 16X! Anyone who doesn’t agree is a bitter clinger, a wrecker!

Answer this: Have you ever seen a progressive dissent from Universalist faith? Even on one minor point?

“Of course I support gender equity and racial equality and affirmative action. And gay marriage and rights for the transgendered. And other/multiple genders. And single payer healthcare. And net neutrality. And open borders for all immigrants. The NSA is evil and Snowden should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

But … not so into that “microaggression” thing. You’re an adult. If someone disagrees with you, thank them politely for their opinion. You might even learn something.”

Have you ever experienced something like this? No, of course you never have.

An Atlantic article on ISIS made the rounds recently (and deservedly so). Its point was that ISIS is defined by its theology, cannot change, will not change.

Progressives are defined by their theology. They cannot, will not change. While not as vicious and sadistic as ISIS, in the end progressives will probably do far more damage.