On Microaggression

In a just world, anyone who used the term “microaggression” would be summarily terminated from employment, on the grounds that doing so creates a hostile environment, and takes advantage of fellow employees’ good will and professionalism. (How can you question, even tepidly, a feminista’s claim to be the target of unspecified slights? You can’t, unless you are willing to call her a hysteric and a liar.)

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, “microaggression” means the normal minor clashes, misunderstandings, frictions, that everyone over the age of nine understands are not personal attacks (nine being roughly the age at which children realize they are not the center of the universe).

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, “microaggression” stands for the average person’s understandable reluctance to submit to a one-woman totalitarian theocracy. Consider the software engineer and social justice amazon Julie Pagano, whose web page prominently displays the following (in cross stitch!):

Fuck a culture that sacrifices women on the altar of men’s hurt feelings.

Imagine being Ms Pagano’s teammate; it is to shudder. Espousing hatred of white males while complaining about being the target of “microaggression” reminds me of the story of the man who killed his parents and complained of being an orphan.