Three Blind Mice

Dismissive laughter is probably all this LA Times piece on women in tech deserves. But let us take it seriously; we should want nice things even if we cannot attain them.

In the story three female engineers complain of their lot. You can make of this whatever you want. You can uncritically accept everything women say as gospel, because they are holy and must not be displeased. Or you can wonder if it would be that hard to find three disgruntled movie stars or three newspaper journalists willing to be quoted in a story.

There was some hard data in the article, statistics on the percentage of technical employees who are female:

Pinterest: 21%
Apple: 20%
Google: 17%
Facebook: 15%

The consistency is interesting. The obvious conclusion is that sex differences are real and females have a more difficult time than males performing at a high level in technology careers.

But of course a requirement to be fashionable in 21st century America is a decided unwillingness to reach obvious conclusions.

A postscript, aka Great Moments in the History of Non-Bias: It’s freaking hilarious that I am required to attend (to quote the article) a “training program … that aims to fight cultural biases” while the author, Tracey Lien, is free to lament on her Twitter account:

And of course, the first emails I get mansplain to me why the problem isn’t sexism but *incompetent women*.