Our Intelligentsia In Action

Social Jastice Wurrior Brianna Wu is up to her tricks again, faking harrassment against herself.

(She was caught doing the same thing last autumn, as you see from the image below, though in that case the gun could be described as warm rather than smoking.)


Faking attacks against oneself is a longstanding social justice tradition, dating back to 1987 when black teenager Tawana Brawley invented a tale of six white men raping her, smearing her with feces, and putting her in a trash bag.

Social Justice Warriors are awful people. They also engage in “rage profiteering”, a wonderful term coined by Louie Grifon at Return of Kings. Grifon and a friend created content designed to offend feminists, and made some very minor effort to bring it to public attention. Soon the Social Justice Twitterati were doing everything they could to publicize “The Typists of xoJane, Ranked by Bangability”.

Why profiteer in rage? Because it is actually to one’s advantage. Outrage is ginned up, clicks are minted, selfs are promoted, and a good slab of hathos can be enjoyed by all.

Awful people.