The Ladies Are Not All Up Ons

Spandrell’s latest is excellent. From my own experience working with nerds, it is uncannily accurate, even to the use of the word “creepy.” Female tech workers with a social justice bent do in fact denigrate men who make unwelcome advances as “creepers.”

(There is a lot of hypocrisy in progressivism, and a lot of insanity. Is there anything more insanely hypocritical than posing as an advocate of the downtrodden while marginalizing and mocking people whose only crime is having poor interpersonal skills?)

I especially enjoyed this line:

Feminism today teaches boys at school that women are holy so they must not be displeased.

Geeks take this to heart, and think they can attract women with ardent feminism, white knighting, and even hero worship. Of course this gets them nowhere. Women want men who can dominate and protect them, not ass-kissers who timidly ask permission before every advance.

It’s not much fun for the girls, either, who are certainly not allowed to say what I just did, and have probably deluded themselves into thinking that their best fit is a social justice pansy. This may explain the feministas who lash out at their own supporters on Twitter; we think of their behavior as “psychotic” but it’s probably just disgust.