The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play

It is not possible to reason with a religious fanatic. It is not possible to debate a theocrat.

The True Believer does not want to have a discussion that reaches a rational conclusion. The True Believer does not want to moderate her views to make you more comfortable. She wants to experience spiritual ecstasy.

It is not possible to reach a reasonable accomodation with a fanatic. The whole point is to be holier-than-thou. If you accept the theocrat’s dictates, expect to be subjected to more and more unreasonable demands.

A not-so-hypothetical: Your employer subscribes to the fashionable theory that inequitable distribution of technical talent across sex and race is caused by biases so small that no one can see them.

So you attend the indoctrination (training courses) for detecting original sin (unconscious bias). In professional America, in 2015, this passes for sane and reasonable.

Therefore the true believers will agitate for things that are insane and unreasonable. And so you will find yourself trying to review resumes from which the candidates’ names have been redacted.

It is no use complaining. The goal is to make you complain.

It is no use trying to have a rational discussion. (Like, “How can Unconscious Bias be responsible for a 5:1 male/female gap and a 60:1 white/negro gap? And how come I never see specific numbers given when talking about Unconscious Bias? How can the math possibly work?”)

Again I refer to Transactional Analysis.


You are trying to speak Adult to Adult.
The religious nut wants to speak Theocrat to Unbeliever.