Progressive was a word with only positive connotations …

Henry Dampier:

The suite of entitlement programs and regulations put into place before, during, and after the New Deal have all been dedicated to the weakening of the family system and the strengthening of the nation-state and the corporate systems that feeds resources and manpower into it in a rationalized fashion.

What this has generated is a society in which parents do not feel as if they own their children. They instead prepare their children for success in the corporate state …

I think the real damage is not to parenting, but to other voluntary traditional associations. Before government got involved (Moldbug: “[Welfare] was a word with only positive connotations — until the twentieth century got its hands on it.”), charity was the province of religion and fraternal organizations. These were much better suited to help the needy while denying a free pass to the idle.

In the age of demotism, no good deed goes unpunished, no worthy institution goes unmolested. The nanny state is a hindrance to traditional parenting, but child bearing/rearing survived[1]. The fraternal organizations — basically modern guilds, self-insurance by lower and middle class labor [2] — did not.

[1] I personally do feel as though my offspring are mine. Though they need to be deprogrammed from time to time.

[2] This — a memory from a book read long ago — needs a cite. Anticipate a post with more detail after the appropriate research is done.