Shooting At Auburn

Jakell Mitchell can’t breathe either.


AUBURN, Ala. (AP) — The girlfriend of a slain Auburn football player said he was arguing with a man at a party when a third man pulled a handgun and opened fire.

Redshirted freshman football player Jakell Lenard Mitchell, 18, died after being shot in the chest early Sunday morning at an off-campus apartment complex. It was the same apartment complex where two former football players and a third man were shot to death outside a 2012 pool party.

There is nothing suprising about the way that Trayvon Martin died. He jumped a person smaller than him and slammed his head into the pavement.

There is nothing surprising about the way in which Michael Brown died. He robbed a cigar store, he strutted down the street as if he owned it, he rushed a cop.

But Jakell Mitchell … isn’t it surprising that a student at a
major university would get into a fight that would end in a shooting?

And isn’t this surprising?

The apartment complex is the same where authorities say Desmonte Leonard killed three men at a party in the summer of 2012. The complex, a few miles from campus, is popular with students. Its name was changed following the 2012 shooting.

Behold the 21st century American progressive theocracy, in which
we are commanded to be surprised by things which are unsurprising, and to take no notice of things that are shocking and unusual. “Popular with students”!