Cthulhu’s Half Brother Only Swims Left

Let’s talk about #Gamergate.

But before we can talk about Gamergate, let’s talk about the Left and where it has won.

Colleges and universities. Which is only natural. The educational establishment has been the natural preserve of the left for, oh, centuries. The progressive program, stated baldly, is that scholars shall rule. And universities are full of scholars. What could be more natural?

The government bureaucracy. Which is natural. The progressive program, stated baldly, is that the government should do a lot. And the government is full of the government.

Hollywood. Crawling with progressives. Which is natural. Wait … why is it natural?

The pat explanation, made by countless writers opposed to progressives, is that Hollywood is full of not very bright nouveau riche actors who feel guilty and insecure about their newfound fame and wealth.

I accepted this pat explanation when I first heard it. But now (as with so many other things) … I wonder.

If the movie industry were right-wing, would it not be easy to find a similarly pat explanation? “Well, those actors, they pretty much worry about their next role. And they’re not from a sophisticated background.”

After all, the above paragraph, with very few substitutions, is probably an accurate summary of professional athletes.

What about … science fiction? Rather than a linkfest of references to RaceFail and the abuse of Orson Scott Card, here is a personal anecdote.

Awhile back I was browsing used books and came across The Heritage of Hastur. Hey! It’s Cthulhu’s half-brother!

Unfortunately, there was nothing Lovecraftian about this book. But nonetheless I read it, because long ago I had tried another book of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s, and had been unable to get through it. I’m older and more mature. Let’s give it another go.

It was dreadful. The plot development was glacial, the dialog insipid. Reading Bradley is like reading Asimov … if you take away Asimov’s scientific knowledge and his sense of humor. I gave up after about 75 pages. None of the characters, including the creepy homo cadet master, held my interest.

You can imagine my astonishment when I came across a list of Hugo nominees, and there was Heritage of Hastur in 1975.

As Wikipedia noted, “Creepy homo cadet master = win!” Okay. Wikipedia actually said of Heritage, “It is notable for its exploration of sexual themes, particularly the view that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality.”

So the rot is deep, and goes back four decades. Do you think of SF as having a natural affinity for the Left?

How about video games? How about for fuck’s sake a bulletin board crawling with Nazis, trolls, and porn freaks? It’s like reading in the paper that Somalia operates three carrier groups in the Indian Ocean. It’s as if Reagan invaded Grenada — and the Grenadans invented the hydrogen bomb in a week and ended the war after threatening to drop it on Chicago using their ICBM.

Regardless of how you feel about video games, or 4chan, this should terrify you. This is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the Left Singularity.

Or not. After all, I’m just an anonymous guy on the internet. (Who’s anonymous because he doesn’t dare speak his mind in public.)