Expanding on a comment I left on Nick Land’s excellent blog:

Jim keeps banging this drum, and it’s the truth: Acceptable politics moves further and further left, at an accelerating rate.

I am a computer programmer. 20 years ago, you might talk about politics at work, but it was clear that there was a separation between professional and political life. Today, high-profile companies advocate various left-wing goals. If I said that, say, my current employer should not agitate against Russian anti-gay laws, I wouldn’t even be laughed at. I would be stared at.

20 years ago, a high tech employee could be a Republican. Today, it is forbidden to be a Republican (let alone a reactionary). Look at what happened to Brendan Eich. (And, as Jim is fond of noting, a 2014 Republican is forbidden to be a 1994 Republican.)

It is possible, for now, to be a Libertarian. But a Libertarian must now describe himself as believing in leftist goals while preferring alternate means of achieving them.