Black Pill, White Pill

In a classic Mencius Moldbug post he lists 10 red pills, showing his readers an alternative reality to the inevitable triumph of democracy:

    1. Peace, prosperity, and freedom
      • blue pill:
        Democracy is responsible for the present state of peace, prosperity, and freedom in the US, Europe and Japan.
      • red pill:
                     The rule of law is responsible for the present state of peace, prosperity and freedom in the US, Europe and Japan.


I’m selling some pills of my own, about race relations in America.  Did I really just say “race relations in America”?  What am I, the New York Times?  In English:

Here are some pills about black people.  There is of course, no reason for them to be blue or red.


1. Equality

  • black pill:Blacks and whites, and Asians and everyone else for that matter, have the same average IQ.
  • white pill:Blacks average one standard deviation (15 IQ points) lower intelligence than whites.  They also have shorter time preference, which leads to more self-destructive behavior, more criminality, and less wealth (even considering their lower IQ).

2. White Flight

  • black pill:Whites fled large cities because they were horrible racists and had irrational fears.
  • white pill:Whites fled large cities because they were afraid for their personal safety.

3. The Black Elite

  • black pill:Modern integration liberated able blacks to lead the same upper-middle-class lives as whites.
  • white pill:High-ability blacks probably dislike common negroes as much as anyone else, and are relieved to be freed from legally mandated proximity to them.

4. Sports

  • black pill:Sports leagues in the past prohibited negroes from playing, because they were incomprehensibly stupid and evil.
  • white pill:Sports leagues prohibited black participation because they understood at some level that failing to do so would lead you or your daughter or son to root for a mindless tattooed thug, wife-beater, or murderer.

5. Riots

  • black pill:Blacks riot in their ghettos because they are oppressed and impoverished.
  • white pill:Blacks riot because the media tells them to and the police are constrained from doing much about it.  Encouraging muppets to riot is a classic Cathedral technique, the use of “Far Against Near.”

6. Martyrs

  • black pill:The experience of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shows that America is still racist and blacks are still an underclass.
  • white pill:Progressives must be hard-up for victims if they are trying to make martyrs of Martin (a thug and petty thief) and Brown (who robbed a cigar store and attacked a cop).

7. Ku Klux Klan

  • black pill:Trying to explain the Klan is like trying to explain Auschwitz.  It is an evil that defies rational explanation.
  • white pill:Poor whites joined the Klan to keep themselves and their property safe.  Because the Klan was populated by peasants, it was probably stupid and brutal.  However the impulse behind joining the Klan was more about Neighborhood Watch than Tsarist pogrom.

8. Detroit

  • black pill:Detroit is a wasteland because racism.  By whites.  Who are, um, nowhere to be found in Detroit.
  • white pill:Detroit is a wasteland because it was abandoned to feral blacks.

9. Progress

  • black pill:Desegregation, integration, affirmative action are the cornerstones of black progress since the second World War.
  • white pill:The Great Society and Welfare State have been a disaster for blacks.  Uncle Sam the Pimp encourages black women to have childen no matter what their marital status, income, or maturity.  Intelligent blacks are helicoptered into schools and jobs beyond their ability.  And all blacks are encouraged to feel a resentment which even if deserved (of course it’s not) can serve them no positive purpose.

10. Morality

  • black pill:I’m opposed to racism because as a decent human being there is simply no alternative.
  • white pill:You are opposed to racism because anti-racism is your society’s defining ethos.  You have about as much freedom of thought on the matter as a North Korean contemplating the legitimacy of the Kim dynasty.

n.b. As with Moldbug’s post, this list is designed to provoke, not cross-reference, hence the lack of links.